12.4 Udacity

DataCamp https://www.udacity.com was founded 2014 by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, Mike Sokolsky. Thrun was a Google VP and a Professor of computer science at Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University. At Google he found teh Google’s self-driving car team.
Udacity offers courses in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and autonomous systems

Udacity facts:Smiley face

  • Founded 2011
    • Sebastian Thrun
    • David Stavens
    • Mike Sokolsky
  • Costs of courses depends on course
    • monthly basis
    • per course
      • self driving car: €179/month
      • roughly 6 months at 15hrs/weeks
  • Programs
    • data science
    • machine learning
    • artificial intelligence
    • cloud computing
    • autonomous systems
  • Certificate
    • nanodegree
    • accepted by industry
  • List of ML courses https://www.udacity.com/school-of-ai

12.4.1 Example for self-driving car course project

During the course there are a number of projects which have to be finished successfully before going to the next stage.

Example project:

Model predictive control:

  • Drive car around track
  • Combine
    • neural network
    • model predictive controller
  • Including 100ms latency between actuation commands

The resulting driving performance can be seen in the following video