Chapter 16 Melbourne University AES/MathWorks/NIH Seizure Prediction

The competition was hosted in 2016 by at and was subtitled “Predict seizures in long-term human intracranial EEG recordings”

The price money was $20,000, the competition ended 24.11.2016 and 478 teams had submitted a solution.

The competition was sponsored by:

  • MathWorks
  • National Institutes of Health (NINDS)
  • American Epilepsy Society
  • University of Melbourne

and organized in partnership with:

  • Alliance for Epilepsy Research
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Mayo Clinic.


  • Predict seizures 1h before they occur
  • Data
    • Ten minutes intracranial EEG (iEEG) clips
  • Benefits
    • Seizure forecasting systems have the potential to help patients with epilepsy lead more normal lives.

The metric was area under the ROC curve between the predicted probability and the observed target.

The best possible score for perfect predictions is 1. The leader board look as follows:

  • Leaderboard:Smiley face

  • 0.80701
  • 0.79898
  • 0.79652

The winning solution is described in the next chapter