Chapter 3 ML application examples

In the following sections examples of ML applications from a wider field of industries are given. Those applications might inspire new projects by showcasing ideas and approaches which might not be straight forward. Sometimes processes need be thought the other way round to achieve faster solutions.

Also as the example DeepL in chapter 3.2 shows, it might be possible to stand up to the tech giants from overseas event though all odds seems to be against the idea of taken them on.

Probably the most astonishing achievement is by Deepmind, not AlphaGo but Alphafold is their biggest achievement in November 2020 as described in chapter 3.1

Figure from (Makimoto 2019)

Out of the box thinking use cases of machine learning

Machine learning can be applied to a wide range of problems. Sometimes the application is obvious, as for image classification, sometimes it takes some out of the box thinking plus sometimes even the combination of machine learning with traditional tools.

List of out of the box thinking use cases:

  • Replace simulation model with machine learning see chapter 3.7
  • Combine simulation result with machine learning see chapter 3.5
  • Combine fixed functions and machine learning see chapter 3.6


Makimoto, Hisaki. 2019. “Künstliche Intelligenz Erkennt Myokardinfarkte Im Ekg Zuverlässiger Als Kardiologen.”