5.1 The HOOD-ST2C ML strategy

This strategy developed by HOOD and ST2C can be applied to companies as well as to projects. The strategy consists of seven steps and draws from the change management experience of HOOD and the ML expertise of ST2C. The following mind map gives an overview of the steps.

The HOOD-ST2C ML strategy

The steps show that a close cooperation between management and engineers is the foundation for a successful ML project. Details of the steps are given below.

The steps of the HOOD ML strategy

Step 1: Query / ensure commitment - ensure readiness for change in the context of an AI deployment in the company.

Step 2: Identify AI use case that represents a concrete benefit for the company.

Step 3: Clarification of the ethical aspects of the use case.

Step 4: Data availability analysis - Based on the identified use case, potentially relevant data are identified.

Step 5: Technical implementation of the AI solution for the defined use case through an iterative empirical procedure.

Step 6: Deployment - IT Implementation of the AI solution into the existing IT infrastructure of the company.

Step 7: Continuous improvement and verification whether the objective of the use case is achieved through AI implementation.