Chapter 1 Introduction

This site gives on orientation to approach machine learning from the question shall we do ML to coding examples for ML algorithms. The site is organized in a way that it covers first the basics in the main chapters and goes into detail in the sub chapters.
The site is a living document, i.e. there are TBDs and TBCs where work is ongoing.

To find help on how to navigate the site please press the “i” icon on top of the page.

Example topics:

  • Machine learning: Shall we? in chapter 2
  • ML examples in chapter 3
  • Real world example on signal detection in chapter 24
  • Further examples from Kaggle in chapter 15
  • Explainable machine learing in chapter 11
  • Overview online courses in chapter 12
  • Overview online information resources in chapter 13
  • Analysis of the 2019 Kaggle member survey in chapter 26
  • How to get quickly started with cloud based machine learning platforms in chapter 25