7.1 Identify if ML is suited to fulfill need

There are plenty of needs within an organization and different entities within the organization will have different opinions about how to fulfill those needs. Often the people with the needs are not aware of the potential of ML to fulfill the need, on the other hand, often the people with ML knowledge don’t know of the needs. It is therefore necessary to enable that the right people get in contact.

Enable contact people with:Smiley face

  • Needs
  • ML knowlegde

There are plenty of reasons why to choose a ML approach to fulfill the need, but there are also plenty of reasons why not to.

Reasons why ML approach should be chosen:Smiley face

  • Suitable solution
    • meets need
    • low development effort
    • no alternative technology
  • Build up ML knowledge

Reasons why ML approach should NOT be chosen:Smiley face

  • Less complex solution available
  • Not enough experience to estimate effort
  • Regulations might prohibit usage of ML due to testing requirements

ML right now is very fashionable, but if there is no benefit from choosing ML over another solution other than it is more exciting than think twice before you make your choice.

Make sure that the most suitable solution for the need is found, not the fanciest.