12.1 Coursera

Coursera https://www.coursera.org was founded 2012 by Stanford computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. The Headquarter is in Mountain View in the US. By 2020 Coursera reached more than 48million people and 2200 businesses around the world

Coursera facts:Smiley face

  • Founded 2012
    • two Standford computer science professors
    • Andrew Ng
    • Daphne Koller
  • Costs of courses
    • free courses
    • monthly charges (i.e 43€ for “Spezialisierung Deep Learning”)
    • MSc ML and data science Imperial College London: £28,000
  • List of ML courses https://www.coursera.org/browse/data-science/machine-learning

There are are course on art, health, social science, physics. Coursera offers a wide range of learning programs from free courses with a optional certificate to a full university diploma.

Coursera learning programs:Smiley face

  • Course
    • recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments
    • video lectures
    • community discussion forums
    • course certificate for small fee
  • Specialization
    • series of rigorous courses
    • hands-on projects
    • specialization certificate
  • Professional certificate
    • become job ready
    • learn from top companies and universities
    • hands-on projects
    • earn career credentials
  • Mastertrack certificate
    • portions of Master’s programs split into online modules
    • earn university-issued career credentials
    • real world projects
    • live expert instructions
  • Degree
    • earn credit by completing course assignments
    • some credentials as on campus students

For ML there are courses in cooperation with companies and universities.

ML course partners:

  • Universities
    • University of London
    • Imperial College London
    • Standford University
    • Arizona State University
  • Companies
    • deeplearning.ai
    • IBM